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Combining AI and data-driven consulting, Loopin helps employers retain and sustain world class teams. Our customers predict burnout, reduce team turnover, and adopt high-performance practices in their workplace.
Unlock Performance
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Actionable insight

Using predictive analytics and AI, Loopin enables employers to foresee and forestall burnout and reduce turnover.Combined with data-backed coaching and consulting built around your team, our hybrid model turns insight into action.

Layered in experience

Built with 20 years of experience as elite Royal Marines Commandos, and state-of-the-art AI technology, Loopin offers every business the opportunity to build happier, more resilient and higher performing teams.Our clients have been able to spot and avoid staff turnover in the space of weeks using our predictive data whilst world-leading businesses and sports teams have put their faith in us to help them thrive at the top level. Now it’s your turn to see how you could benefit.

Retention ROI

Employee turnover in the UK is an alarming 15-20%, costing an average £30,000 to replace each individual. Burnout and leadership development are two of the biggest causes.Our customers have seen a reduction in turnover by 5%, due to increased team morale and improved manager-employee relationships.Use our calculator to see how much Loopin could save your organisation.
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Built on the Commando Mindset

The founders behind Loopin


Ben, CEO

The founder behind Loopin

Meet Ben

Ben’s decade as a Royal Marines Commando has provided him with a unique perspective on sustaining high-performing teams and organisations.Prior to joining the Marines, Ben faced prison, depression and a life of drug addiction - something he has written about in his book - all of which has helped inform who he is as an individual today.This knowledge has informed his work as an elite performance coach for Gymshark, Facebook, Manchester United, the England Football Team, and is something he has shared at length in his 2021 book Commando Mindset (Penguin).He has also been interviewed by business sensation Steven Bartlett, on the diary of a CEO, and delivered to Simon Sinek’s ignite academy during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Here’s why managers ❤️ Loopin

People-first managers use Loopin to support their people, applaud their hard work, and invest in their own leadership development.
“When it comes to providing support for managers, Loopin wins. That's because not only does it develop emotional intelligence but it provides a real-time view of employee's wellbeing and engagement.”


Founder, Rocket SaaS

View insights. Spot trends. Implement your best-ever people strategy.

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